Thursday, 29 August 2013

Ticket Stub Memory Box

I've been on Pinterest recently (no surprise there) looking for fun things to do with old ticket stubs and one of the most common crafts I found was the ticket stub memory box. Well... it just had to be done, didn't it?

The frame itself is just a plain wooden shadow box from The Range, painted black. (I wanted it to emphasis the 3D glasses in the front.) A bit of scrapbook paper, stamped with the words "Oh! The fun we had!" and with some random tickets for rides, shows, and some arcade tickets glued on provided the back. Easy peasy.

It holds a lot of ticket stubs. I go to the cinema quite often and this box holds a couple of year's worth of stubs. (I can't wait to start saving up some more so I can make another box!) It also looks really awesome on the wall - like something I spent more than an hour putting together. I bet it would make a great gift too.

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