Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A walk, on Saturday.

Last weekend Jay and his friends were busy doing DIY stuff so I took myself off for a little walk in the woods nearby. I took a little bag with me, thinking I might be lucky enough to find a handful of blackberries.

I wandered around, picking a few blackberries here and there and singing along to my iPod because I was enjoying myself and fuck anyone who doesn't like my off-tune voice. I was just about to head back when I noticed....

Could it be?

Yes, it was! A BUTTLOAD of blackberry bushes! Whoot!

There were a LOT of blackberries that hadn't quite ripened yet but more than enough ripe blackberries for me to pick!

I helped myself to a bagful of blackberries and made a mental note of where to find some more. I might just head back next week and help myself to a few more.

I love that we live in a place where we can just walk along and pick blackberries. (As opposed to having to visit a pick-your-own farm.) It's definitely something I'll miss about Wales, if we ever leave.

During my walk I made a few new friends... including a Red Admiral Butterfly...

...and a family of moorhens!


Aside from a  nasty little encounter with a stinging nettle plant, I had a great time. When I got home, I whipped up a lovely treat with my blackberries - but that's another post!

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