Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

As promised, here is my lovely blackberry and apple crumble, that I made on Saturday for the hubby:

Crumble is one of Jay's favourite desserts and is really easy to make. I only had about two cups of blackberries so I used some left over apples to give it a bit more substance.

The blackberries got soaked in salty water for a few hours before I got started - that gets rid of any bugs that might be hiding in there. The apples were peeled, cut, and soft boiled. A sprinkling of cinnamon and brown sugar went over the apples after they were drained. Then the whole lot went into a casserole dish.

The topping is fairly simple too. Just start with flour and a bit of sugar (I normally use around two cups of flour and a couple of tablespoons of sugar - but I like sweet things. Jay prefers his sugar sprinkled over the crumble when it's finished.) in a bowl and add soft butter (I use something like 5 tablespoons). You'll know if you have the right combination of butter and flour because it will start to look crumbly. Too much butter and it will start to look like batter - just add more flour. Not enough butter and it will just look like clumpy powder - just add more flour.

Pop it into the oven and you're done. I like to start it before I do dinner so it's done just as we finish which means the temperature can vary, depending on what I'm cooking for dinner: 200 degrees (Celsius) if dinner is quick, 150 if it'll take awhile, or anywhere in between. The top browns and the juices start to bubble a bit when it's done so you can't really go wrong with this one.

I've tried crumble with apples, apple and banana, and blackberry and apple. They've all turned out awesome. I think it's just about the easiest mid-week treat you can make.

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