Thursday, 6 February 2014

A Day at the Pictures

I love international rugby. Not the game itself (though I don't hate it) but the great Rugby Pact of 2011. Go on... ask.

What is the Rugby Pact of 2011?

It's the agreement my husband and I struck a few years ago that, on the days that international rugby games occur, he is allowed to go out with his friends to watch it - providing he drops me off at the cinema first and collects me after. I'll not spend my day waiting around for someone who would put a sport above me, no sir.

On the first of my mega movie marathon days, I watched three movies at Cineworld Newport: Frozen, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, and Mr. Peabody & Sherman.

Frozen was amazing! It was the first Disney movie that I've seen in many years that was a true Disney movie. I loved it.

When the music started at the beginning of Frozen, I totally got chills. I love the old world feeling and the beauty of the art. A major win.

Jack Ryan was... good. As long as you can ignore the little things.

It was massively action packed and the spy bits were good - but the back story was a little forced and it felt a little bit obvious in places. In parts, it was like they only just stopped short of going, "This is the bad guy. This is why he is a bad guy. This is the good guy. This is why he is a good guy." I'm not an idiot, thanks, I can work it out myself.

The best part of Jack Ryan was Kenneth Branagh. That man can outact everyone else in the film without opening his mouth. He's got this way of just looking at the camera that makes you squirm. (I can't stand Keira Knightley, by the way. She annoys the hell out of me.)

I had no intentions of watching Mr. Peabody & Sherman. None what-so-ever. I didn't like the cartoon when I was a kid and I had no reason to want to watch the new movie. But I ended up with some extra time so I thought, what the hell?

It actually turned out to be funny. Dumb - but funny. I wouldn't watch it again, though, and it doesn't really have much to recommend it to adults.

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