Monday, 14 March 2016

Bournemouth Film and Comic Con

I missed out on Bournemouth Film and Comic Con last year because I had to stay at home with the puppies. So, this year, even though I was absolutely full of the flu and not feeling my best, I was determined to go.

Jay was even sicker so he had to stay home. :/ I tagged along with a couple of friends while he rested up for next week's comic con.

I was worried about going to a ''new'' convention without Jay, because of my Anxiety issues, but it wasn't that busy and it was very well spaced, which helped a lot.

The best part was the convention centre being a five minute walk from the beach! Is there anything more soothing than a few hours at the beach?

I enjoyed our walk up and down the beach more than the convention itself. I managed to collect shells, get far too close to the surf, see a pier for the first time, and just relax. Bournemouth beach was absolutely gorgeous. I hope we get to go back soon.

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