Friday, 8 April 2016

Action Review: Power

Power is an action available from FreezeronMedia, available from envatomarket.

Time to run: 5 minutes
Version: CS4, CS5, CS6
Price: $4

I really love this effect. Packs a punch, don't you think? A few small problems, though...

It boasts '10 color looks' but there're hardly any variations between them and most of them aren't very nice.

You get a much better result if you alter the colours manually - which, let's face it, defeats the purpose of having a preset action.

Error messages pop up 8 times, which is inconvenient. If you're looking for the type of
action that you can run while you do other stuff, this isn't it.

Because of the pop-ups and color issues, I think it's a little over-priced. Halve it, and I think that would be fair.

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