Thursday, 7 April 2016

ASDA's Reply (Or, Sorry, Not Sorry.)

You may remember the complaint that I made about ASDA's customer service last week. Two days after they assured me I would have a reply, it finally arrived. Have a read and tell me if you think my complaint has been, in any way, resolved.

(Hint: I worked in customer service for a long time and dealt with thousands of complaints. I know when I'm being blown off.)

Well? Do you find this reply satisfactory? Do you think I should? 

Do you think I do?

If you're struggling, the answer is no. An emphatic hell no

You know why those colleagues thought they could get away with treating people like shit? 

Because they can. 

And thanks for including your number, Jackie. After reading my complaint, you must realize that I suffer from Anxiety and can't make such a confrontational call without making myself ill. Clever girl. 

I stand by my initial reaction. I will never shop at that joke of a store called ASDA again and I will actively discourage everyone I know from doing the same, in every way possible. 

Side Story: Jay and I went to Tesco to pick up a few things and found a really nice top. When we went to pay for our items, the cashier made a mistake. We stepped aside once we'd paid and checked out the receipt. Turns out, the guy charged us for the top twice. Hey, stuff happens. So we went to the customer service counter and let the woman there know what happened. She immediately apologized and arranged a refund. Then, she did something that made my jaw drop: she doubled the refund. We corrected her and she said, ''Oh, no. It was our mistake, so we're doubling it. Sorry for the trouble.'' 

Moral of the story? 

Don't shop at ASDA. Shop at Tesco instead

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