Friday, 6 May 2016

A Sad Day

Today was a sad day because my work experience at a local primary school came to an end.

I got to spend a year with the most amazing kids and learned A LOT about working in a classroom. It makes me glad that I didn't get accepted into a teaching course the first time around because I would NOT have been ready.

Before I left, I got the best presents, including the largest card I've ever seen:

It was really special because the kids each drew themselves - and some even managed to write their own names: 

(Which, yeah, I've blocked out because you don't need to know them.)

And the gift was just amazing: little superhero handprints with a fingerprint from each of the kids, all framed up.

One of the teachers I worked with even gave me a mini Marvel cake and a bunch of chocolate.

Neither of which will last long, I'm sure.

I had such a great time this year and I'm looking forward to my next classroom experience.

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