Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Supergirl? Superfail.

We finally got around to the first episode of Supergirl.

What the hell was that shit? Really, DC, really? I can't even count the ways Supergirl failed. From cliches to character development - and, of course, the feminism it supposedly encouraged. You can't just say, ''feminism is good'', then contradict yourself with every word and action - and still expect us to buy it. (And, really, the lack of character development was a big deal for me.)

So... I I just can't do Supergirl. I just can't. It makes my head go fzzztPOP.

Women read comics and watch these shows. Stop insulting our intelligences. I don't care whether it's true to the comics or not. You had the chance to do something awesome for all the young girls out there looking for heroes and you gave them a weak crybaby with perfect lipstick. Way to go, DC.

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