Saturday, 9 October 2004

Xanga Post: Saturday, October 09, 2004

The craft fair in Birmingham was great. The ticket seller mistook me for a twelve year old so I got in free. Is that a good thing? I got lots of craft goodies plus a new pentacle ring for less than £4. Yippie.

We got a new cat earlier in the week. It's pitch black with big brown eyes. Sue called it Midnight but I prefer to call it Hellspawn. It's totally feral. It hisses every time you get near it and has run away twice and hidden under our bed. Jay and I are betting that it runs away.

I fell down the stairs on Wed and smashed my tailbone. I couldn't walk right for two days. Ouch! (At least Jay was amused.)

We went to see Kevin "Bloody" Wilson on Thursday night. That was fun. His daughter Jenny Talia was on before him and she was great as well. They were both so raunchy.

Jay took me to order new glasses this week. I got to go through the fun eye watering exam. Wahoo. But, I've got two pairs of glasses coming on Wed! (I had to pick one pair out of the children's section because I couldn't find a pair small enough.)

We went out shopping yesterday and that was great. New clothes, yippie! We're out again tomorrow to Cardiff to have a look around.

Still doing the job hunt thing. Applications all over, no one cares.

London MCM Expo next weekend. That should be a fun convention.

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