Saturday, 3 September 2016

Favourite School Memory #5

Writers Club - or, Club, as we called it - was a major part of my high school experience.

There are a lot of specific memories I could share from Club. Take our visit to Linda Peckham's writing class at LCC, for example. Trying not to laugh as adults asked me the motivation behind ''The Gnome Story''...

Then there was Rally of Writers, the yearly conference we attended. Made us feel like grown-ups. Like ''real writers''.

And there was the write-in, where we spent as much time not writing as we did writing. And don't forget the reading where I refused to take part because the poem I wanted to use was deemed ''too adult'' to share with our parents - same same reading where a crush I had at the time sang a song that boiled down to ''I know you have a crush on me but I'm not into you''.


But the thing that I remember most isn't any specific event; it's a collection of weekly meetings at The Gathering Grounds, with frappes, gossip, and laughs. It's stopping at Mr. Dale's across the street and buying a new Beanie Baby before meetings. It's writing together, and growing together.

It's one of my favourite memories from school, even though it's not really ''a'' memory.

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