Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Help me find this book!

I read a book almost twenty years ago now that I can't remember the name of. Which makes finding it again pretty damned hard. Maybe you can help?

Here's what I remember:
  • It's a romance.
  • It's a series of at least three books but more, I think.
  • The main character in one of them was a woman abducted by an alien at a sci-fi convention.
  • The guy is from a species that can shift into some kind of cat. 
  • He's totally obsessed with braiding her hair. All the guys in the series are.
  • I read this in the Nineties - but I'm pretty sure I got it second hand then.

Okay... so... is this book real or did I imagine it? I've been looking for ages, without any luck.

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