Thursday, 29 September 2016

Launch Day: Pale is the New Tan

Today is the big day! Pale is the New Tan is now available!

Where you can buy the eBook:

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As a special Launch Day treat, enjoy this excerpt from ''Don't Go Into the Forest'': 
Grow up, she told herself. It's just trees. Trees can't hurt you. 
Trees can't hurt you. They can't move, they don't have voices, they have no weapons. Karianne could hear her therapist's voice in her head, urging her on.  
Just trees. Just trees. Just trees.  
Not giving herself time to think, Karianne sucked in a deep breath, and stepped off the hard dirt road onto the soft verge. Just trees. She pushed herself forward, past the first imposing trees, deeper into the forest.  
It was darker inside; nearly full dark already. Karianne's footstep faltered. All the old fears came rushing back, paralyzing her. Just trees. She tried to summon the protective blanket of her therapist's voice; wrapped it around her like a shield as she took first one, then two, then three steps deeper into the darkness.  
They can't move. 
Yet shadows twisted and turned, making Karianne's head whip from side to side at each shift of dim light. She fixed her gaze straight ahead, clenched her teeth together until her jaw ached.  
They don't have voices.  
What was that? Sound was different inside the depths of the forest. Noises were unidentifiable, coming from nowhere and everywhere at the same time. A snap. A scuffle. A sigh.  
They have no weapons. 
Karianne all but screamed when something caught her ankle, threatening to trip her. She looked down with eyes that were wide with fright. A gnarled branch of a fallen tree had snagged her shoe, clung on, slowed her down. Kicking it off, she hurried on her way; coming up short once more when something grabbed her hair.  
She did scream then, thrashing wildly at the thing that held her. Her fingers brushed bark. Slapping wildly, Karianne felt the hair tear from her scalp. Strands of it clung to coarse bark, glinting like gold against the darkness of the forest. Karianne didn't see it, didn't look back. She ran.  
Karianne's ankle met a fallen branch that sprang up unexpectedly in front of her. She fell; rock and moss at her knees, pushed herself up, and kept running.  
The sound, like a gunshot, made her jump. She cast a nervous glance behind her, and came up hard against a solid object in her path. Blood welled at the scrape where her face had met bark; a single drop slid down her cheek to fly off and land on the green carpet as she fell hard on her rear.  
Stunned, Karianne looked up in confusion at the tree that had assaulted her; only to gasp as she realized that it wasn't a tree at all, but a man. 
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