Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Acceptance #5 of 2017

Now that the official announcement has been made, I can share some exciting news with you:

My short, "It'll Rot Your Teeth", will be part of Corona Books UK's Halloween anthology, The Corona Book of Horror Stories, due this autumn.

The best part is that "It'll Rot Your Teeth" was originally written for an American audience. When Corona Books asked if I would be interested in shaking it up and rebooting it for a British audience, I said, "Yes!" (And then, "Holy crap. What have I just done?" Lol.) The result is the same creepy story, with some interesting undercurrents that weren't present in the original.

I love it. You will too. Keep an eye on http://www.coronabooks.com/corona-book-horror-st…/4593955189 for the cover reveal and release date!

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