Friday, 25 August 2017

Autumn Poetry #2

Autumn Contemplation

I rake fallen leaves into a pile
that almost reaches my knees
organizing Nature's choas (well, a bit)
then take a moment to regard my handy work
an hour's labor well spent
before I let go, tumbling recklessly
into the pile of leaves
slightly damp from yesterday's drizzle
a childlike giggle dancing on the crisp wind
as leaves fly up and out
I kick out with arms and legs
to speed the leaves along
and, when they settle once moe
I lay still many minutes, grinning
while a leaf tickles my cheek
inhaling the decaying scent of fallen leaves
I reach deep into contemplation
draw out thoughts of life
selfish as I am, my thoughts are of me
my life - and, eventually (too soon), my death
if someone could get joy from my death
they way I take joy from the death of these leaves
does that make life worth it?
but the day is too beautiful to waste on rumination
rising, I shake the leaves from my hair
and begin all over again

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