Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Cover Reveal: The Corona Book of Horror Stories

We have a cover for The Corona Book of Horror Stories!

Creepy, isn't it?  😁

Guess what else we have... a table of contents! Whoot!

Here's the lineup:

1. "Nizzy's Egg" by S.L. Powell
2. "Ticks" by Lewis Williams
3. "The Tale of Samuel and Gordon" by Keith Trezise
4. "The Box" by Sue Eaton
5. "It'll Rot Your Teeth" by Wondra Vanian
6. "The Rose" by Suzan St Maur
7. "Doing Time" by Martin S. Beckley
8. "Framed" by T.R. Hitchman
9. "A Health and Safety Issue" by Rosemary Salter
10. "Bad Boys Don't Get Dessert" by William Quincy Belle
11. "The Castle of Lune" by Philip Onions
12. "The Angel's Kiss" by S.J. Menary
13. "Told You So" by Mark A. Smart
14. "The Ornament" by C.J. Riley
15. "Baby's New Body" by Joanie Chevalier
16. "Death by Appointment" by A.H. Sargeant

For more info, check out Corona Books UK's website: http://www.coronabooks.com/corona-book-horror-st…/4593955189

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