Friday, 8 September 2017

Wondra's Friday Night Double Feature: Back-to-School

Welcome to the very first edition of Wondra's Friday Night Double Feature!

Here at Castle Vanian, we're all about curling up together on the sofa and watching movies. We often try to think up movies that would go well with the one we're watching - and that's how this weekly spot came to be.

Every Friday night, I'll be posting a different pair of movies that make the perfect double feature. Since the kiddos are heading back to school, why not have a school-themed double feature?

Both Pretty in Pink and Some Kind of Wonderful have that poor-kid-falls-in-with-the-rich-crowd story line infused with the magic of first love. They both also give very good representations of Eighties fashion and music. (Yuppies and punks galore!)

It's basically James Spader versus Eric Stoltz, right? Which is your favourite Eighties hunk? I prefer the romance between Keith and Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful but Jon Cryer steals the show in Pretty in Pink.

I watched these two together earlier in the week and I have to say they work brilliantly together. Would you have paired either with a different movie?

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