Friday, 1 June 2018

25 Sweet & Sexy Summer Date Night Ideas

Whether you've been together for years or just met on vacation, summer is a magical time for lovers. (For loving yourself, too, but that's a different blog post.)

Summer opens up a lot of fun date night activities that aren't options the rest of the year. I've collected some of my favourite ideas here. I hope you love them, too!

Tour your town. We tend to get so preoccupied with our day-to-day lives that we forget to stop and look around. We're so busy getting from home to work and back again that we don't take time to stop and look around. Well... stop. Stop hurrying to get away from your hometown. Instead, grab a camera, grab a map, and go for a wander together. See the place you live with new eyes. You might just be surprised with what you find.

Go tubing. You can take the girl out of Michigan... Lazily tubing down a river under the summer sun is hella relaxing. Tie your tube to your partner's and let the water do the work while you make eyes at each other.

Camp out for the night. I don't mean hardcore camping (unless you're into that.) Stay near home or even put that tent up right in your front yard. For one night, snuggle together in front of campfire.

Have a BBQ. Do you really need an excuse? Cooking together can be sexy and fun. If you don't have a barbecue at home (or, you know what, even if you do) buy a one-use barbecue and take it to the beach. Fire, food, and sand? Win!

Visit a fayre or carnival. Carnival dates are so much fun! Bright lights, junk food, and getting lost in the crowd. (Can you tell this is one of my absolute favourites?) See who can win a prize first playing carnival games. Snuggle up together on the Ferris Wheel. Share some sticky sweet cotton candy. From first date to five hundredth, you can't go wrong with a trip to the fayre.

Go to a theme park. Feel like getting your blood pumping? Take all the fun of the fayre and add some adrenaline by visiting a theme park together! If you're the kind of person who takes your significant other to a horror movie so they'll grab you when they get scared, you'd be crazy not to take them on a roller coaster. 😉

Share a bike ride. You know, the casual kind where you can point out landmarks, not the race-to-the-finish kind. Not as romantic, that kind. While you're at it, why not try a tandem ride?

Watch a baseball or soccer game. Even if you're not really "into" sports. It's really more about cheering on a team and the euphoric rush of excitement when they win. Go to a local game if you can or grab a couple of beers, cuddle up on the sofa, and get your game on there.

Rent a kayak or canoe. How hardcore are you? If you're both sporty people, go for the kayak. If not, a sedate canoe ride might be more your speed. Personally, I think you can't go wrong with a pedalo ride. Your feet might be busy but it will leave your hands and... other things free.

Dinner & a movie. Can't go wrong with the classic dinner and a movie. It's especially great for first dates because it gives you something to do without the exhausting exercise of making small talk -- but will give you plenty to talk about afterwards! Summer's a great time for the ole dinner & movie date because it's blockbuster season. Even if the date doesn't go well, you can watch an awesome movie.

Chill by the pool. Sometimes it's just too darn hot to get too physical. That's okay. Plonk down a couple of loungers and hang out by the pool instead.

Stroll through a garden. There are so many flower shows this time of year and local botanical gardens will be bursting with colour. Take a slow wander through a garden hand-in-hand. Bonus, you're surrounded by flowers so you can casually mention what your favourites are. That'll come in handy later.

Kick up sand at the beach. I think long walks along the beach as the sun sets must be just about the most romantic thing ever. Take your shoes off, roll your pants legs up, join hands, and let the magic of sunset do the rest.

Have a picnic. Picnics are almost always a winner. (We'll worry about winter later.) You get to lay around in the sun and feed each other finger foods. And do I need to mention that you're already on a blanket?

Go to a concert. I'm not going to tell you how amazingly romantic festivals can be because... come on. Eww. You can find summer festivals in the third circle of Hell. Outdoor concerts can be both romantic and fun, though.

Have surprise water fight. Summer is the best time to channel your inner child. Leave your other half a Supersoaker and a warning that you're after them. Fill up dozens of water balloons and surprise your partner when they come outside to do lawn work. Just have fun!

Visit a car boot sale or go yardsaling. Car boot sales and yard sales can be nostalgic places. Items will inevitably trigger memories that your date will want to share. You might not think about something like yardsaling as a date but they're great places for getting to know each other.

Have a game night. Unless you're both so competitive that it will end in tears. Lol. Dig out some old board games, stay in, and put your air conditioner to work. Or, invest in some giant lawn games and take it outside.

Go stargazing. This is a mandatory part of falling in love, right? Though I might just be getting nostalgic myself. *sigh* Seriously, though. This is Romance 101. You've gotta do it right, though. Get out to the middle of nowhere, fill your truck bed with blankets and pillows (if you've got one), and get your gaze on.

Have an ice cream date. Another one of my favourites. Ice cream. That's the whole freaking point of summer! The hubs and I do this at least once every year. We get different flavours and share. It's always a lot of fun.

Go berry picking. If you've got a local pick-your-own farm, take advantage. The great thing about this is that it gives you the opportunity to cook together when you get the fruit home.

Play a few games of mini-golf. Just plain fun! Mini-golf lets you be silly together. Have you ever seen a miserable person playing mini-golf? Nope!

Go on a mini-road trip. Whether it's for a day, night, or weekend, toss a few essentials in the car and go for a drive. Try to find someplace new. Go somewhere you've never been. Make memories.

Take a hike! Like a stroll through a garden, but with more sweating and bugs. (Lol.) It sounds like a lot of hard work but standing together in a forest as birds sing and leaves rustle is totally worth it. Just make sure you're properly dressed. Blisters aren't sexy.

Make a slip and slide. My mind has already gone to naughty places! 🤣 Seriously, though. Plastic sheet + water hose=too much fun. Sliding around, getting all... wet, and rolling around on the grass? How does that not lead to better things?

That's my list of not-too-expensive sweet and/or sexy ideas. I hope it helps take your summer date nights up a notch! Enjoy!

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