Saturday, 9 June 2018

Guest Spot: Nicole's Chilled Indie Summer Playlist

Today's guest spot belongs to Nicole who has a Chill Indie Summer Playlist for us. Let's see what Nicole has to say about it. 

This is a mixture of chill indie songs, some fit the tone of summer with tone and some with lyrical content. I tried to keep it mostly newer stuff in the past couple of years.

Let's check out that list: 
1. "Saltwater" - Geowulf 
2. "Edge of the Ocean" - Ivy 

3. "California" - The Lagoons 

4. "Sedona" - Houndmouth 

5. "Some Sunsick Day" - Morgan Delt 

6. "T-Shirt Weather" - Circa Waves 

7. "Drove Me Wild" - Tegan and Sara 

8. "Lemon Glow" - Beach House 

9. "Waiting on the Summer" - VHS Collection 

10. "Pictures of Girls" - Wallows 

11. "Rollercoaster" - Bleachers 

12. "Dreaming" - Small Pools 

13. "What's That Perfume You Wear?" - Jens Lekman 

14. "Every Day's The Weekend" - Alex Lahey 

15. "Call off the Dogs" - Foreign Air 

16. "French Press" - Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever

17. "J-Boy" - Phoenix 

18. "North Star" - Future Islands

19. "Howling At The Moon" - Phantogram 

20. "Buzzcut Season" - Lorde
This playlist was an education for me. I only knew a couple of the bands here and none of the songs. I think "Pictures of Girls" is my favourite. Listen here and choose your own favourite: 

I'm glad Nicole decided to share her playlist with us because I might never have heard these songs if she hadn't. Thanks, Nicole!

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