Sunday, 5 October 2003

Collectormania 4 - Take Two

We had to leave at "sparrow's fart" (as Jay likes to say) to get to Milton Keynes in time to get tickets for the hobbits. And... Guess what...


Grah! They were suppose to start giving tickets out at 10am (we left at 7am) but because people were waiting in line at midnight to get them, they started giving them out at 9am instead. It was just as we came through the doors that they announced that the tickets were gone. Ah, bugger.

James and Oliver Phelps

To make matters worse, I got separated from everyone else (Jay, Alun, Duane and Dot) because I had to bolt to the bathroom when we get there. Hey, I have a bladder the size of an acorn and I had two cups of coffee on the way. Gimme a break. Lol. Anyway, after about an hour of me panicing, I finally ran into Alun. They'd separated and started looking for me because Jay knew I'd freak out. :) Bless him.

Matthew Lewis

Anyway, it was a huge disappointment to miss the hobbits but ah well. We could've gone back on Monday and given it another try but we were all dead tired and a third trip to Milton Keynes would've driven us all nuts. Of course, Jay heard from one of his other friends that had gone on Monday that he got tickets right away and only had to wait until 5pm to meet them. Bullocks.

Anthony Head

I had a great time anyway, though. I even got a Count Duckula dvd (£5) and a Fawlty Towers Season 1 DVD (£8) so that helped!

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