Friday, 3 October 2003

Collectormania 4

My very first convention! (Well, except for Rally but that doesn't really count.)

I was nervous but everything went really well. It was mostly just stars Jay wanted to meet when we went on the Friday so I basically just had to stand there and look pretty. (A task enough for me. Lol.)

Adrian and Neil Rayment

I was really impressed with most of the celebrities that we met. Most everyone seemed polite and eager to talk to you. I even managed to get away without spending any money (that time). Jay wasn't so lucky! Lol. He did get a lot of autographs though. (It sucks that you have to pay for them but I guess the rich and famous have to make their money somehow.)

George Takei

It was funny because while we were waiting to meet guests or what have you, Alun would disappear. Then, he'd turn up awhile later with some fantastic bargain to make Jay jealous. I guess that happens all the time when they go to conventions together. Lol.

Kristanna Loken

I really had a great time and can't wait to go to the next convention!

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