Sunday, 30 November 2003

Winter Memorabilia - Take Two

The thing that was so exciting about Memorabilia this winter, and that made us so determined to go when it looked like all the fates were against us, was that there were over 100 stars there. I guess that's why it was almost impossible to walk on Saturday. It was a lot better Sunday. It was slower and less packed so I was happy.

Jay and I went alone this time and had a nice stroll through the hundreds of booths before we went to meet Tom Baker. It was strange because the day before Tom's line was so long that we didn't have any hope of getting to him. Sunday, though, we practically walked right up to him. The Brigadier was right beside him but I wasn't very interested in meeting him. (Sorry, Brigadier!)

Tom Baker was just as cool looking in person as he was on Doctor Who. (Though a lot whiter, obviously.) We talked for awhile about me being from the states and him living in France and he swore that he was a supporter of the United States and defended them against the French all the time. (I told him it didn't make much difference to me since I ran away from the States. Lol.) He also joked about a breakout of dandruff being the most exciting thing that ever happened in Pontywaun. After a few minutes of chatting, I had a picture with him and we went shopping.

Jay bought a bunch of DVDs because they were Region 1 (American) and I bought trading cards (STNG and Neopets) and Nightmare Before Christmas candle holders. Then we went home and watched some of the (fourteen) DVDs that Jay bought.

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