Saturday, 27 March 2004

Xanga Post: Saturday, March 27, 2004

Okay, I haven't updated in a long, long time but you know how life goes.

I have good news though. Katie's coming to see me in June. Yay! :) And, she's going to be here for my wedding. Yay! ( Jay... *sigh* ...still get the warm tinglies...)

Also, my brother imed me yesterday. Which is the first time I've talked to him since my visit to the states. It's nice to know that someone in my family isn't shunning me. Not that some members of my family shunning me is a bad thing.

Anywho...Jay and I went to see Dawn of the Dead again yesterday. That makes two for us. Impressive since it came out here yesterday. Lol.

*shudder* Nightmares about zombie cows abound. Why is it that zombie cows frighten my mind more than anything else? I must be a sad, sad creature

Monday, 8 March 2004

Xanga Post: Monday, March 08, 2004

I got a card today from Katie's mom. I opened it and my jaw hit the floor! She sent me $100 (About £50). What a life saver! We've been struggling so much this month to make ends meet. And now it looks like we'll make it to pay day. Thanks Mom McClain! 

Jay's mum and I went into Cardiff yesterday to go shopping. It was crazy because it was an international day. (Wales v. France in Rugby. Great game, btw.) I've never seen so much national pride! (Or so many berets! Lol.) It was just the friendliest thing I've ever seen.

And the drunkest! We went at 11 am (kick off wasn't until 3pm) and half the people were either drunk already or on their way! Lol. Anyway... shopping... It was great. We went to Debenhams to buy stuff for the kitchen. (Insurance, yay.) I think most everything has been replaced now. Now, if we can just keep from having any more fires...

Well, it's official: I'm now marrying Jason Scott Vanian instead of Jason Scott Davies. Jay changed his name last week. It must be a strange feeling to start the week as one person and end it as another.. We didn't even have to pay for it because someone at Sue's work did it for us free of charge. I think they've sort of taken us on as their pet project there. Lol.

Anway, Jay's friend Tam brought his sister over to meet us this weekend (she just came over from Turkey). It was the first time anyone's introduced me as Jay's fiancée. It was a huge warm, fuzzy feeling.

Monday, 1 March 2004

Xanga Post: Monday, March 01, 2004

Jay and I actually stayed up last night to watch the Oscars. Was anyone else NOT surprised that LotR won all eleven Oscars that they were nominated for? And rightly so, I thought. I was very moved by the interview with Wood and Jackson before the show started where they talked about it being the last big thing they'd all do together and how it was sort of and ending. It was a tissue moment.

Sue and I went to see Jay's brother yesterday. (After a nice McDonald's. Mmm... Lol.) He looks good but very grouchy. I guess I would be too if I couldn't eat the stuff he couldn't eat. He can't drink booze for six months either. I think he was grouchy because he was mad at his dad too.

Their dad is really alienating himself from his family. (He should meet my folks, they'd get along great.) Sean's suppose to be coming up Thursday but I think that means that Bumble the Boy Blunder is coming too. *silent groan*

We had a nice drive around Caerphilly Castle yesterday too. It's a ruin but it's absolutely beautiful. It's one of the few castles left in Wales with a moat. I'm dying to get out and have a good walk around and take pictures but I think I can defiantly wait until the weather improves. Brrr.

I got a package from Katie!  (I feel so special!) Books... Drool... But, Katie, did you have to send the snow with too?

The day I got the package (Friday) was the worst snowfall they've had here for years. It only lasted the one day and it's all melted now but it sucked! (Jay was all excited about it. He looked so cute.) I think we're suppose to get more snow too. Yuck! On the bright side, Jay doesn't have to go to work if it snows hard. (Something about driving on icy mountain roads. Lol.) This could be a good thing.