Monday, 7 March 2005

Xanga Post: Monday, March 07, 2005

Quote of the day:

"George W. Bush has turned the White House into the Home of the Whopper, telling one lie after another, all in pursuit of getting his dirty little war." ~Michael Moore~

Jay came home at 7:30am from Egg's on Sunday morning. Plus, he spent a lot of money on zombie posters. Boy, I was fighting mad! (Listening to Alanis all night might not have helped that.) But then he walked in and smiled and I totally forgot to be angry. I did give him a beating, though, which helped. (I also learned that 5:30am is an awesome time to walk the dogs. Lol.)

I had two months worth of birth control just vanish. Sue swears that she hasn't touched it and I didn't move it so we're at a loss. I doubt Jay would've bothered with it and if the dogs ate it, well, that would just be funny as hell. Unfortunately, it means that I had to go the the surgery this morning and try to get replacements off them. That was easy enough...

Only there was an old woman in front of me who insisted on giving the receptionist her entire life story. Eventually, I was told to pick up my pills in the afternoon and Sue and I finally got to go to work. (Oh, yay.) Never mind me being fifteen minutes late. And that was all before my work day even started!

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