Thursday, 10 March 2005

Xanga Post: Thursday, March 10, 2005

They've drained the canal by our house and torn up the footpath. That hasn't made any of us very happy, especially since it's about spawning time for the frogs.

And if that wasn't bad enough... last night, it could've killed our dogs. The dogs, being the big dumb mutts that they are, love to jump in and splash around in the canal. Not a good idea when there's nothing in the canal but mud. We've been pretty good about policing them until then... they just managed to get ahead of us and *splash*.

We called them, thinking that they would just get out and run back. And maybe they could have just climbed back up... If the council hadn't cut down a bunch of trees a few months back and left them on the bank. The dogs couldn't find their way back up and were stuck, sinking, in the thick mud.

They were whining and crying and we couldn't get to them from our side of the canal. So, Jay ran down the lane and around to the canal and I ran up to grab Sue, in case we needed help pulling the dogs up. I called her and ran down to meet Jay, my asthmatic chest exploding all the way.

By the time I made it to the canal opposite our house, Jay had managed to coax the dogs back up onto the footpath and was giving them a good natured bollocking. Sooty had been stuck on the bank closest our house and was just hanging on. Sweep had been running up and down the muddy canal, trying to figure out which way was home. Jay called Sweep and he ran straight over. Sooty was afraid to go back in the mud, apparently. Sweep ran back and forth to him several times before Sooty followed him back to Jay.

Phew. At least that was over.

We walked back up the canal, around the corner and back down our lane. Sue was standing in the middle of the lane with a bucket of water. "They're not going in my house muddy!" she said. So... after their frightening episode, the dogs got heavily doused with cold water.

Jay and I just went up and collapsed on the couch. Between the cats and dogs (not to mention lizards), these animals will make me go gray before my time!

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