Tuesday, 29 March 2005

Xanga Post: Tuesday, March 29, 2005

I love Jay.  I know, I know, I'm grossing a bunch of you out but I don't care. Every now and then he comes out with something so sweet and it totally floors me. And it's like, it's so sweet that I just can't find the words to respond. And all I can do is smile...


Nice long weekend. Jay drove me around on Saturday to put up fliers for the writer's group. He even promised to go to the first meeting for me. It'll be nice to have him there for support. I'm sort of terrified. (Especially of no one showing up.)

On Sunday Jay and I bummed around and played Muppet Racers. Yes, we are that sad.   Plus, chocolate eggs. Bonus.

Jay dropped me off in Newport on his way to work on Monday so I could put up fliers around the book stores. (He does a lot for me, huh?) Of course, it turned out that none of the book stores were open but there you go. Lol. Luckily, Sue took a bunch of fliers to town with her today for me. I did manage to pick up a cd for Jay and a birthday pressie (which will now be hidden for a month+). Lol.

So...Little Ghetto Bitch. Yup. That's how this story starts. I was sitting on a bench in town, munching away on a quarter pounder and feeding my French fries (I refuse to use the phrase "freedom fries" y'all can go to whatever hell you believe in.) to the pigeons. It was nice. Tranquil. I had a nice horde of birds sitting around at my feet waiting for the rest of my lunch when Little Ghetto Bitch struts over with two of her trailer park mates and kicks the hell out of the birds. Here is the conversation that followed:

Me: Oui.

LGB: (sticking her nose up in the air) Oui yourself.

Me: That was a really bitchy thing to do.

LGB: So what? They're flying rodents, they carry disease.

Me: They're living creatures, just like me and you.

LGB: I wouldn't count on it.

Me: (standing) Right, honey. We'll talk again when you grow up.

LGB: Why don't you fuck off back to America?

Me: (walking away so I didn't punch her in the face) Oh grow up, you little bitch.

And what did Jay say when I told him about it? "They were about thirteen/fourteen? They probably thought they were picking a fight with someone their own age." Lol. Great.

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