Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Things I Love About Halloween

I love pumpkin pie as an image and as a smell. I LOVE the pumpkin pie lotion that Bath and Body Works sell but we don't have one here.

Elvira cracks me up and I prefer The Aadams Family over The Munsters.

Micheal Jackson's Thriller is a MUST for Halloween.

I LOVE scarecrows! Creepiest things ever! (After zombie cows....Oh boy do zombie cows give me nightmares!)

I like cutsie versions of the old monsters: Frankenstein's monster, Dracula, Wolfman, etc. Oh, and when people refer to The Monster as Frankenstein it drives me batty! Read, people, read!

Oh, I'm Wiccan btw. So, in addition to being about the most fun ever-and my birthday to boot -Halloween/Samhain is a SERIOUS holiday for me. Anything for a Halloween ritual or anything to do with divination, etc. will be happily received. This is THE most important day of the year for me. :)

Pumpkin, pumpkin, pumpkin. Happy pumpkins. Spooky pumpkins. Jack-o-lanterns. Carved. Cutsie. Painted. Stuffed. You name it, I love it. I love pumpkins. :)

We don't get trick-or-treaters where we live. :( Trick-or-treating is only just becoming popular in this part of Wales. I would say it's only started to pick up in the last twenty years or so and you really don't see many kids doing it. That makes me sad. :( I want everyone to enjoy Halloween as much as I do!

I have three cats and two of them are black. One is BLACK black and one is Halloween coloured-streaked through with orange and brown. They're called Acorn and Willow. I also have two dogs: Sooty and Sweep. And four bearded dragons: Gollum, Magenta, Frankie and Hiss. (Hiss use to be called Columbia but it seemed more appropriate.) ...That reminds me... The Rocky Horror Picture Show! You can't do better for a bit of freaky fun! I've been to see it live once but not with the original cast.

You know those witches that are flattened on trees with their broomsticks poking out behind? My parents use to have one of those and some b*****d stole it right from the yard! I'd love to have one of those again.

Halloween at TARGET! I'm a big fan of Target for home holiday decorations. No Target within 4,000 miles though, sadly.

Harry Potter! Must have Harry Potter at Halloween.