Saturday, 22 January 2011

CoD: Black Ops Playercards

You know what I love about men? They respond so fabulously to "I bet you can't..."

Like... "I bet you can't make an Animal playercard for CoD: Black Ops."

And what did the DH come up with?

Show off.

"Well... I bet you can't make an Oscar the Grouch playercard for CoD: Black Ops."


So I thought I'd change tactics.

"I bet you can't make a Tardis."

"Too easy," the DH said.

Obviously the colours are a bit off because I only had Ninja Camera (my point and shoot) handy but you get the idea. Pretty cool, right? I'm not going to tell you HOW he did it - that's not fair - but he might tell you if you ask him nicely. ;)


  1. Hm...maybe you should try "I bet you can't take out the trash in under three minutes..."

  2. Lol! If ONLY that worked as well!


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