Thursday, 22 November 2012

Day of the Tentacle

The person that I made this for has received it so I can finally share it with you!

It was THREE YEARS in the making. If you had a look at the back, you would see what an awful cross stitcher I am. Yikes! But I thought, 'Hey! I can do this!' - and I did... It just took longer than I expected!

I started by making this pattern (in Photoshop):

And... Three years later...

(If I had tried to do the whole thing, it would have taken me another three years!)

How proud was I of myself? You have no idea!


  1. One of the coolest cross stiches I've seen in a while. Are you planning any other geeky patterns?

  2. Thank you! :) Definitely! I have one in mind already. ;)


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