Monday, 14 January 2013

A Song for Sunday: Panic! at the Disco - New Perspective

This week's A Song for Sunday was inspired by a recent conversation with Jessica from a Shimmering Star... She mentioned Panic! at the Disco's I Write Sins Not Tragedies and I immediately got it stuck in my head.

I ♥ Panic! at the Disco for two very obvious reasons: 1. their music is fucking awesome and 2. Brendon Urie is beyond adorable.

While checking out Panic! at the Disco videos on YouTube I came across a song that I didn't know, off the soundtrack for Jessica's Body. Since that movie came out four years ago, you'd think I'd have heard it by now but hey, what can I say, I live in a bubble.


Also, I've never seen the movie.

Anyway... On to the music!

This song is catchy and fun and the lyrics make me grin. ("Can we fast forward to go down on me?") I'm guessing that the video has something to do with Jessica's Body? Looks like a hormone fuelled blood bath... Worth a watch, no doubt.

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