Wednesday, 17 April 2013

The road to being healthy is a bitch.

As you know, I'm trying to get a bit healthier. I've enlisted my husband's help because I have no will power of my own. At least where food is concerned.

So Jay has instructions to pack my lunch - which has to be healthy. He's doing a great job, too. Every day I have a couple of lovely sandwiches with fruit and low fat chips. (Crisps, whatever.) I've been really good at sticking to just my box as well. (I cracked and two cans of Coke last week.)

I've even been really good about getting exercise. Every day I've gotten up and gone for a walk of about half a mile in the morning before work. Twice we've walked the dogs together after work.

After all this, how am I feeling?

Fucking awful.

Seriously. I've felt like death for over week. Four times I went to bed with a migraine and three times I've gotten such a stomach after dinner that I've been doubled over. I'm constantly exhausted and irritable as hell.

So when does this whole getting healthy thing stop making me feel so damned ill?

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