Monday, 20 January 2014

Blog Swap: Crafting From Your Stash

Today, I'm handing the reins over to Jessica from a Shimmering Star. Enjoy!

Coins, jewelry, and trinkets seem pre-destined to disappear. To combat this, I place catch-all dishes around the house. It's become second nature to empty my pockets into the dishes, and I lose fewer things!

Money is tight after the holidays, so it’s the perfect time to craft from your stash. Crochet Catch-All bowls require a crochet hook, hemp cord, and yarn. The hemp is used to shape the bowl, so any rope, string or yarn will work. Be creative; we’re crafting from our stash!

Catch-All Bowls

Skill Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Supplies: Yarn Bee Dreamy Chenille Yarn Hemp Size J Crochet Hook  

Useful Skills: Magic Circle tutorial

Yarn: make a slip knot loop. 
Hemp: Make a magic circle by wrapping the hemp around your pointer and middle fingers. Slip your fingers out while holding the hemp in the circle. The direction the hemp leads will depend on your dominate hand. I crochet left-handed, so the cord leads to the right. Right-handers will follow the cord to the left.

Using your yarn 7 SC around magic circle. Tighten circle by pulling both ends of the hemp. 

With the hemp held close to the top of the crochet stitches, SC into the first stitch made. 2 DC into the following stitches until the circle is 3 inches across. Keep the circle flat. Slip stitch. 

*Ch 1. SC until end of row. Join with slip stitch.* Repeat three times.
Slip stitch around once. Finish and weave in strands.

Note: Shaping the yarn around the hemp can be difficult. Periodically tighten the hemp and adjust the yarn around it. Also, the final shape can be manipulated.

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