Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Meme of the Year 2013

I'm fascinated by memes - how they're created, how they spread, how they change our culture. (To be honest, memes are pretty much the only reason I use Facebook these days.)

In 2013, I started Monday's Meme of the Week to keep a record of the funniest and most influential memes of the year. I can look through them now and see the year play out in images, humour, and sarcasm. I'm so glad I started this weekly post because it reminds me of what was important: to the world and to me.

I thought it would be difficult to pick the best meme of 2013 - until I came across this post. Yes! The best, most important, culture changing, headline grabbing, meme spawning meme of the year is simple and powerful at the same time:

There's an interesting article here about the Human Rights Campaign and a good mash up of just some of the images that joined meme culture because of it.

I'm really looking forward to seeing what memes 2014 brings us and whether 2013's memes have any lasting impact. To find out, stay tuned to Monday's #MemeOfTheWeek!

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