Friday, 14 February 2014

A Day at the Pictures

Another day of international rugby for Jay, another day at the pictures for me.

I was way geeked about The Lego Movie and I wasn't disappointed.

This movie is just so much fun! It got a bit slow at the end when it hit the moral bit (you could tell the kids in the audience were getting antsy by then.) There was a lot of thinly veiled adult humour which kept the parents from getting bored. Even Will Ferrell couldn't ruin this movie.

The only reason I bothered with That Awkward Moment was because I had time to kill. Talk about a waste of time.

This movie tried too hard to be young and hip and totally fell flat. The dialogue was clumsy and the acting was wooden. I was bored the whole way through it.

I was determined to not watch I, Frankenstein because I was afraid it would stray too far from the book and piss me off (ie: calling the monster Frankenstein) but I was pleasantly surprised.

I, Frankenstein was not a complete waste of time. The backstory was basically the novel, which pleased me. The gargoyles were a nice touch, there was plenty of action, and even a hint of romance (but not so much that I wanted to gage). The only annoying thing about it was Aaron Eckhart's "I'm Batman" voice.

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