Sunday, 23 March 2014

A Song for Sunday: Godsmack - Serenity

This isn't a new song but it is a new favourite:

Tragic visions
Slowly stole my life
Tore away everything
Cheating me out of my time
(lyrics from metrolyrics)

Yeah. This song is how I've been feeling lately: mellow and wishing I could be content. *sigh* 

Sunday, 16 March 2014

A Song for Sunday: Bad Religion - True North

This is the first Bad Religion song that has caught my attention:

The lyrics aren't hard hitting or anything and the song is pretty short but it's got a good beat. The video is low key and fits the music well. Not a huge favourite but I like it.

Friday, 14 March 2014

The Curse Workers, Holly Black

Since I just finished a readalong of Holly Black's Black Heart with Jessica of a Shimmering Star, I thought I would have a little look back at the series...

White Cat (Book 1)
Excellent. Slightly predictable in parts but not in a “I’ve read this plot so many times I know exactly what’s going to happen” way, just an author that’s good at foreshadowing. It’s cleverly written with descriptions that really tickle your imagination. By giving readers just what they need to know, rather than forcing history down their throats, Black creates an alternative reality that is so casual that it feels real. The ending wraps things up nicely but leaves you craving more.

Red Glove (Book 2)
A good follow up to White Cat. The characters remain consistent and there are some nice surprises. It's fairly obvious where the plot's going but I enjoyed Cassel's thought processes as he got there.

Black Heart (Book 3)
The thing that I love about Holly Black is that all of her writing is so different. Okay... that's just ONE of the things I love about Holly Black. I also love her ability to create worlds that are so believable that I still feel a little naughty, walking out of the house without any gloves on. Did I mention that she's a master of foreshadowing? She guides you so subtly to the conclusion that you kind of always knew it would happen exactly that way - but still feel like doing a little fist pump at the end. Brilliant work by one of my favourite authors.

I highly recommend this series. It's a little spy thriller, a little love story, a little coming of age, and totally worth it.

If you've read this series, please share your thoughts and recommend similar books, if you know any!

Thursday, 13 March 2014

On My To Watch List

I have to say that, while I am looking forward to this movie, the extended clip they showed before 300: Rise of an Empire at Cineworld was just too long. People who came in late looked confused, like they thought they'd walked into the wrong movie!

I like the relationship between Captain America and Black Widow. (And let's face it: Cap'n's just a little too nice to carry more than one movie on his own.)

This tailer made me *squee* like a little kid:

I should point out, though, that I have not seen How to Train Your Dragon. Guess I'd better get onto that...

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Wedne-DIY: Dracula Rising Cross Stitch

Dracula Rising (aka Roger Corman's Dracula) is my second favourite movie of all time. That may surprise those of you who have actually seen it but, what can I say? It's so bad it's brilliant.

(It occurs to me that it's also partially to blame for my interest in kink - I mean, vampires and whipping? I'm getting hot, just thinking about it...)


I came home from work on Friday in an exceptionally bad mood (This happens often.) and I just had to get my craft on so I came up with this tiny quote cross stich:

My favourite line from the movie. (And, yeah, it's an allegory. Deal with it.)

The alphabet I used is from this website, by the way, in case you were wondering.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A Day at the Pictures

Escape from Planet Earth is silly - but in a good way.

And their planet is called BAAB. Say it. Say, "Planet Baab." LOL.

It's probably a good thing I saw 300: Rise of an Empire alone because, if someone had gone with me, they'd would've had their clothes ripped off. Seriously. This movie is hot.

Oh, yeah... it had a good story too and finished in a place every bit as frustrating as the first.

The only thing I didn't like about 300: Rise of an Empire was that it blantatly pandered to a 3D audience. Way. Too. Much. I'm sure it would've been cool if I'd been watching it in 3D. But I wasn't. 

Monday, 10 March 2014

Monday's Meme of the Week

I know I've seen this one before but it's just too good to pass up:

I mean... Edgar Allan Poe and Queen? What fight isn't that going to win?

Also, because it's something that really gets my goat, "The Raven" is probably my favourite poem of all time AND IT RHYMES. (Sorry. It's just this beef I have with people who look down on rhyming poetry.) Are you going to tell me Edgar Allan Poe was a hack? That "The Raven" isn't an amazing poem?

That's what I thought. 

Sunday, 9 March 2014

A Song for Sunday: Paloma Faith - Can't Rely on You

I am digging this song right now!

I just can't rely on you
Yeah, you got that good stuff but that don't last
So I just can't rely on you
 (lyrics from metrolyrics)

This (live from the kitchen) is my favourite version. It's more fun than the official video (and I can do without the long, foreign language bit at the start, thanks).

This song is all Soul. It comes from Paloma Faith's new album, A Perfect Contradiction, which is due to be released tomorrow. Her last two albums have been fantastic so I'm really excited about A Perfect Contradiction.