Sunday, 15 January 2006

Xanga Post: Sunday, January 15, 2006

So I worked until 2:45 this morning. Then I stayed up to watch this awful zombie movie with Jay. (The best part was when the cat ate the old woman.) Then, I went to bed for three hours and got back up at 8. I spent thirty minutes huddled in front of the new heater trying to warm up. ('Cause I broke the last heater when I tripped over it.)

Sue and I headed out for a car boot sale at Tredegar House which turned out to be about seven cars and three times as many shoppers. We ditched that and went to the one in Cardiff instead where I picked up a buttload of buttons for £1.20. Sweet.

Then we went shopping and I almost took a nap in the middle of the bread aisle because I was SO TIRED and Sue just kept talking to people. I finally made it home and into bed where I got to stay for about two minutes until I remembered that the one thing Jay asked me to pick up, I forgot. So...

It was back into the cold to pick them up. Back home and back into bed where I was allowed to stay until Jay kicked me out of bed an hour later. I'm tired. But I have buttons. And I made awesome enchiladas.

I saw the funniest thing on Weakest Link today. (It was yesterdays Weakest Link but Jay recorded it for me because I was working, of course.) This guy was wearing a shirt that said, "Freeze Mofo, Where's my 50p?" For some reason, that killed me.

Oh, on a related funny matter, Sweep ate Sue's lipstick. Again. I swear that dog's a transvestite.

I also got Jacque and Pierre today, two new gnomes for the garden. :) (Sue forbid me to, of course, which is why I got two.)

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