Saturday, 27 August 2016

25 Fall Date Night Ideas

Fall is the perfect time for snuggling. If you need any help thinking of reasons to cwtch up with your honey, here is a list of date night activities. Grab your coats, blankets, and/or cameras and...

  1. Take a walk or go for a bike ride. Leave the phones at home and spend an hour or two alone, surrounded by the beauty of fall. Even a path that you've travelled a hundred times can look different when you're looking together.
  2. Check out your local farmer's market. Pick out fresh produce together. Maybe scope out some handmade items for your home.
  3. Grab a coffee while shopping for fall clothes. Hello, sweater season. Grab something toasty in to-go mugs and get your shop on. The hubs and I get pretty excited about fall fashion because, let's face it, we're not built for summer. 
  4. Watch the sunrise or sunset. No matter what time of the year it is, there's nothing more romantic than watching the day start or end together. 
  5. Attend a harvest celebration. Sometimes it's nice to get out and be part of the community. Join in with your neighbours as they celebrate the harvest. 
  6. Clear out your closet and donate unwanted clothes to charity. Not only is it great to help others; it's also a great way to get each other undressed. I mean... you have to try them on, right?
  7. Volunteer at a soup kitchen. Every now and then, you need a reminder of how lucky you are. Volunteering together can be a good reminder. 
  8. Have a fall photo shoot. Either have someone take photos of you and your partner playing together in the leaves or, grab your cameras and go hunting for the perfect autumn pics. 
  9. Visit a corn maze. If you can. Nothing like getting lost in a place that's both fun and a little spooky. 
  10. Enjoy a hayride. Again, if you have any available. Cuddle up, enjoy the scenery, and listen to the sounds of autumn. 
  11. Watch a football game. In person, if possible. Autumn is football. Cheer for your favourite team. Get riled up. Tailgate, if you can. If you can't get to a game in person, rustle up some snack foods and watch the game together at home.
  12. Go apple picking. This is one of our favourites. Wandering through an orchard is incredibly serene. You can make a game out of trying to nab the highest apples. Try different types of apples. Find out which is your favourite and talk about the experience.
  13. Have a bonfire. Get messy making s'mores over a crackling fire. Snuggle up close and let flames warm your cheeks. Just make sure you don't get too close! (To the fire. You can get as close to each other as you want.)
  14. Go camping. If that's your thing. It's not mine. I can see why so many people love getting away from it all for a couple of days, though. 
  15. Have a picnic. Ahh... now we're talking. This is definitely a favourite at Castle Vanian. There's a lovely park by a lake that we love to picnic at when the leaves start to change.
  16. Watch an autumn movie. When you've got jobs, and kids, and everything else going on, it's nice to curl up together and watch a movie. Check out my list of Best Movies for Autumn for suggested viewing. 
  17. Binge watch a show you've never seen. The new fall schedule is a pretty exciting time at Castle Vanian. What can I say? We're couch potatoes. Rather than waiting for each new episode to be released, why not binge watch a finished series together? 
  18. Take turns cooking fancy meals. It's time for what my husband calls ''stodgy food''. Thick, hot, and rich. The kind you avoid all summer because it makes you feel like a blimp. Yup, that. Never fails to bring on a serious cuddle session here.
  19. Make caramel apples together. It's playful, it's cheap, it's juicy and sticky - you know what I mean.
  20. Visit a pumpkin patch. Always a great bit of fun. And a great place for cute couple photos. Plus, there's always the chance that you'll stumble over a vine and fall into your companion's arms. (Or, have to save your chronically klutzy wife from breaking her neck when she trips over a vine.)
  21. Carve pumpkins. Obviously. I mean... you've got the pumpkins now. This is a tradition at Castle Vanian. We pick them out together, we carve them together. Always a laugh.
  22. Have a horror movie marathon. Fall is the best time for horror. And horror is always better when you've got someone to share it with. Or, you know, hide behind when things get too spooky.
  23. Go to a haunted house. A good scare gets your heart racing and makes you cling to one another for safety. Sounds like a good time to me.
  24. Celebrate Oktoberfest. Because beer. I'm not a beer person myself, but who can say no to drinking and dancing? 
  25. Create your own bucket list for winter. As a couple. Make plans together. Think about the future. Winter will be here before you know it. What do you want to do when it arrives?

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