Saturday, 12 August 2017

Movie Review: The Innkeepers (2011)

After the bomb that was Lost Creek, The Innkeepers was a welcome return good horror here at Castle Vanian.

The Inkeepers follows Claire and Luke as they spend their last weekend working at the doomed Yankee Pedlar Inn. Luke is an amateur ghost hunter who's supposedly seen the ghost haunting Yankee Pedlar Inn and encourages his co-worker, Claire, to do EVP recordings while he dozes upstairs. (Nice guy, eh?)

Claire is the best part of the movie. Sara Paxton channels Gilmore Girls's Rory Gilmore HARD. I had to stop the movie and look her name up because she was SO much like Alexis Bledel that I was convinced that's who she was. She even moves and talks like Rory, which is hella amusing. Her character is likeable and believable. You're with her every step of the way, even when she humiliates herself in front of the celebrity guest, Madeline O'Malley. (But who hasn't done that? Lol.)

Sadly for Claire, this is a horror movie and they don't always have happy endings. The ending isn't happy but it is perfect for the movie. And, The Innkeepers was a perfect movie to distract me from my Trump's-gonna-kill-us-all funk.

(I won't tell you how much time I spent hiding behind my blanket while watching The Innkeepers. I have my dignity.)

There was only one thing I didn't like about this one - and it wasn't the old, black & white style "chapter" cards. Those were well timed and fitting for the film. No, the problem I had was with Bred Cooney's Madeline O'Malley. Not her, specifically, because her crotchety attitude is basically me in ten years, but the fact that she uses a pendulum to communicate with ghosts.

Yeah... that's not how it works. I guess if you're not a witch or a psychic, that doesn't matter, though. Even if you are, it's not annoying enough to ruin The Innkeepers. This one's a winner.

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