Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Movie Review: October Kiss

Hallmark, you finally did it! October Kiss is exactly the kind of feel-good movie I needed for my Best Films for Autumn list.

Poppy is the kind of woman who'll give anything a go once - but has a hard time making any of it stick. She's got a serious commitment problem, which extends to potential boyfriends, jobs, and... well, everything but her sister and nephews. Poppy is great with her sister's boys, which makes her sister, Megan, think, 'Hey. Nanny.' (Obvs.)

Workaholic widower, Ryan, is all business. He's determined to land a deal with a big Japanese firm for an app he's developed and it all looks good on that front. His home life? Not so much. Ryan's children, Zoe and Zach, are tired of always coming second to their father's work and definitely do not want a new nanny.

Things work out, of course, (this is Hallmark, after all) and it's fun to watch the pieces fall into place. Unlike Autumn Dreams, in which autumn seems almost an afterthought, October Kiss is all Halloween and I love it. It probably could have taken place at any other time of the year and still have been as enjoyable but Halloween is the perfect backdrop for Poppy's wacky personality.

The characters are believable and likeable. The plot is strong and the movie has a good pace. The acting is stronger than some of the Hallmark movies I've seen, too. Rom-coms aren't normally my thing, but I really enjoyed October Kiss.

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