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31 Days of Horror: Creepshow (1982)

Welcome to day ten of 31 Days of Classic Horror. Today, we're going to be discussing a movie from two of the darkest minds in horror history, George A. Romero and Stephen King. That's right, today's featured movie is Creepshow (1982). While I flip through the eerily gorgeous Creepshow graphic novel, I'm going to let Jay start things off.

'Creepshow' is the only anthology on this list. I've always liked anthology movies. They're great because no, every story won't be your cup of tea but, as long as it's done well, something there will appeal to you. A good anthology feels like several full movies, rather than just ten or fifteen minute segments. You do see some anthology movies still (like 'Trick 'r Treat') but it's a format that's underused now. I'd like to see more. 

I agree! I love horror anthologies! Bite-sized terror, ya gotta love it. It's a good thing this list only goes up to 2000 because if we'd had to choose between Creepshow and Trick 'r Treat, you'd have had a real fight on your hands.

Heh. Picking 'Creepshow' was hard enough. I was forced to choose between 'Dr. Terror's House of Horrors' and 'Creepshow', which was agonising. Creepshow gives us five stories ranging from silly, to repulsive, to terrifying. You have "Father's Day" (scary), "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill" (silly), "Something to Tide You Over" (creepy), "The Crate" (terrifying), and "They're Creeping Up on You" (repulsive). My favourite is... hard to choose. It's between "Father's Day" and "The Crate", both for their final scenes. 

I actually liked "The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill", even though it was kind of dumb (okay, very dumb.) It gets extra points for starring Stephen King. I hated "They're Creeping Up on You". Eww. Just eww. "Something to Tide You Over" lost points for me because Leslie Nielsen just does not belong in a horror movie. (Though the ending is amusing.) I agree with Jay (it does happen). "Father's Day" and "The Crate" are the best of the stories in this anthology.

So, I finished reading the Creepshow graphic novel just now and I have to point out something interesting here. Throughout the graphic novel, you've got the Creep talking to you, laughing and cracking jokes. The movie version of Creepshow lacks that.

You do have The Creep, though, with the story surrounding the comic book. He just doesn't speak. The movie version is great because, at the end, when you see the boy with the voodoo doll and his father having chest pains, you realise there's been another story going on the whole time. It's a brilliant way to tie the stories together. 

That kid is hella amusing. And evil. Very evil.I think we all got a little glimpse of what Stephen King must have been like as a kid. Actually, the kid (Billy, I think he's called.) is the horror author, Joe Hill, who's Stephen King's son. So, in a way, I guess we do get a tiny glimpse of what Stephen King was like as a kid.

Next year, we have to include modern horror because Joe Hill's Horns needs to be included. But, before I go off on a tangent, let's get back to King...

Let's. This is a Romero and King collaboration, two absolute masters of horror. With the two working together, you just couldn't go wrong. The cast, the lighting, the special effects - it's all done beautifully. Speaking of the score... 

The Christmas of 82/83, while all my friends were getting Iron Maiden records, I was getting the 'Creepshow' soundtrack. I still have it, too. It's creepy as shit; a hissing score, daring you to listen. If you want the best horror soundtrack you'll ever hear, put on 'Creepshow'.

Creepshow is exactly my kind of horror. It's funny yet terrible, which appeals to my dark side.

Exactly. The poster says "The most fun you'll ever have being scared!" and it's accurate. You'll smile as you're watching Creepshow, even as it scares the shit out of you.

What are your thoughts on Creepshow? Get in touch and let us know!

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