Wednesday, 18 April 2018

20 Blog Post Ideas for National Poetry Month

I've thinking about all the ways bloggers can get involved in National Poetry Month 2018. There are so many interesting topics related to the art of poetry and lots of ways to include your readers in the process. Here are just a few.

If you're an educator, most of these ideas also make excellent discussion topics for class!

20 Blog Post Ideas for National Poetry Month

1. types of poetry 
Did you know that there are more than 50 types of poems? Teach your readers some basics this National Poetry Month (and maybe learn something in the process!)
2. what poetry means to you
Poetry means something different to each of us. Spend some time exploring what it means to you.
3. why we read/write poetry
Why are we, as a society, enamoured with poetry? Why do you read and/or write poetry? 
4. a poem you wrote
It doesn't matter what kind of poem it is, or how long it is. Don't worry about people might say. Just get it out there!
5. a list of prompts
If you're not feeling the poetry bug yourself, why not help someone else get into it? Think up some fun, crazy, scary, or thoughtful prompts and share them with your readers. (You can find my list here.)
6. poetry exercises
Sometimes people need more than a nudge to get started. Sometimes, people need to be taken through the process of writing a poem from start to finish. Or, they might just want to hone their skills. Either way, some simple poetry exercises can come in handy.
7. your favourite poem
What is your favourite poem? Why? Help others fall in love with it, too.
8. illustrate a poem
I wish I had enough artistic ability to do this! Chose a poem that inspires you, then create an illustration (doesn't matter if it's computer generated or hand drawn) to accompany it. 
9. your favourite poet
Who is your favourite poet and why? What can you tell us about their life? Their work? 
10. a letter to a poet who inspired you
Whether that poet is alive or deceased, thank them for their inspiration. If your letter is to a living poet, why not share the link with them? Authors love to hear how their writing affects readers.
11. your least favourite poem
Hey, we're not all going to love every poem we read. There are some poems that just annoy the heck out of me. You've probably got some too, right? Don't just list them, though. Actually explain what you don't like about them. It's important to know what does and doesn't work for you.
12. your least favourite poet
Just be sure to keep it civil, okay? It's alright to say that you don't like a poet's style - it's not alright to personally attack them. 
13. your favourite type of poem
Let's go back to number one. When you were learning about the different poetic styles, did you find one that spoke to you? Do you have an example of that style? Have you tried writing one of your own? Share, share, share!
14. or one that you hate
What type of poem do you absolutely hate? Why? 
15. a poem you know by heart
When I was a child, I learned "Paul Revere's Ride" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow for school. I've never forgotten it. Is there a poem you know by heart? You could even share a video of yourself reciting it.
16. rap/song lyrics as poetry
Poetry, in its earliest form, was spoken so it's not that hard to see the connection between song lyrics and poetry - especially rap lyrics. Do you agree or disagree? Get a debate going!
17. nursery rhymes you remember from childhood
I grew up in America but worked in a school here in the UK. It's interesting how different nursery rhymes are from country to another. Which nursery rhymes do you remember from your childhood? Why do you think they've stayed with you?
18. poetry, elitism, and snobbery
I believe that many people are put off poetry because they think it's elitist. That only a certain type of person reads or writes poetry. What do you think? Do you think we can change these misconceptions? How?
19. review a poetry collection
Hopefully, you're spending this month exploring some of the brilliant poetry collections out there. Why not take a few minutes to review them? It helps authors and potential readers. 
20. links and other resources
It can be time consuming and frustrating to find what you're looking for online. Help other poets and bloggers by providing a list of handy resources for National Poetry Month. Don't forget to link back here if this list helped you!

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