Friday, 12 October 2018

ToC Reveal: Blood and Ashes

The upcoming anthology from Thirteen O'Clock Press, Blood and Ashes, has a clever premise. Every story included will fit into the category of Hot Blood, Ashes, or Cold Blood. My story, "The Night He Came", will be there, nestled among the hot blooded stories. Here's a quick peek at the rest of the creeptastic stories and their authors that will be joining me:

Hot Blood:
"Red Tears" by James Pyne
"The Night He Came" by Wondra Vanian
"Opportunity Knocks" by Rie Sheridan Rose
"Dreams of Duality" by Dorothy Davies
"Out For Blood" by John H. Dromey
"Mona Lisa Zombie and the Crimson Sea" by James Pyne
"Webs" by Rie Sheridan Rose
"Cupid, Playing" by Ken Goldman
"Letters I’ve Written" by Dorothy Davies
"Besties" by Donna J. W. Munro
"Blood On My Ax" by Bruce H. Markuson
"Puttering Around" by Franklyn Searight
"Maverick" by Eugen Bacon
"Bittersweet Redemption" by John Howe
"Deadly Colours" by Michael B. Fletcher
"The Bloodied Crow" by Bruce H. Markuson
"Brewed In Moonlight" by Greg Francis
"Buddy, Everyone’s Dead" by William S. Williams
"True Red" by Ken L. Jones
"Night Shadows" by Joe Arcara
"A Darkly Garden" by James Pyne
"Smoke and Reckonings" by Donna J. W. Munro
"The Last Laugh" by Gerald E. Sheagren
"Ashes, Ashes" by Rie Sheridan Rose
"Charred Memories" by R. A. Goli
"Cats to Ashes" by Andrea Teare
"The Scent of Rain" and Ash by Brian Barnett
"Women Of A Certain Age" by Donna J. W. Munro
"Scorched Memories" by John Howe
"The Grime Reaper" by John H. Dromey
"Burn the Witch" by Mathias Jansson
"Needle Bay" by Maria Mitchell
"Hell’s Handmaiden" by Chris Rodriguez
"Masks of Dead Women" by Matthew Wilson
"Under the Bed" by Rie Sheridan Rose
"Game Bird" by Terrance V. Mc Arthur
"Combustion" by Justin Boote
"The Furnace" by Bruce H. Markuson
"Ringing Spirits" by Kerry E. B. Black
"Gaze of the Phoenix" by Eugen Bacon
"In Grey Smoky Silence" by David Turnbull
"Believing For A Reason" by Dianne Arrelle
"The Vat" by Perry McDaid
"Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear What Do You See?" by Jordan Elizabeth Mierek
"Like a Phoenix from the Ashes" by Bruce H. Markuson
"The Pendulum" by Terrance V. Mc Arthur
"Green Paint Can" by Bruce H. Markuson
"A Lullaby for the Devil" by Mathias Jansson
"The Use of Ashes" by Gary Budgen
Cold Blood:
"Cold Blooded" by Rie Sheridan Rose
"Six Ways From Sunday" by Ken Goldman
"Ode to Monsters" by Matthew Wilson
"Pint Sized Bloody Stories" by John H. Dromey
"Changes" by Perry McDaid
"The Bloody Trapeze" by Roy C. Booth & Axel Kohagen
"Pripyat Piranha" by Mathias Jansson
"Follow Me" by R. A. Goli
"The Blood Makes Me Whole" by Dorothy Davies
"Love Like Blood" by Mileva Anastasiadou
"The Bed Bug Hotel" by Mathias Jansson
"The Blood of Kawashi" by Terrance V. Mc Arthur
"In Plain Blood" by Chris Rodriguez
"Interim Death" by Patricia Anabel
"Deadly F/X" by Terrance V. Mc Arthur
"The Winter Is Red" by Bruce H. and Matthew Markuson
"Only Vials and Hearses" by David Turnbull
I'll keep you posted when we've got updates on Blood and Ashes. Until then, be sure to check out Thirteen O'Clock Press's available titles and open calls.

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