Sunday, 14 April 2019

Book Review: A Rip in This Universe by by Seth E. Kinstle

A Rip in This Universe by Seth E Kinstle isn’t light reading. The poems are deep and intense. They call upon universal human experience, shared struggle, to encourage introspection and reflection. I found it easiest to read them in chunks so as not to get bogged down by their heavy nature.

There’s no doubt A Rip in This Universe is well-written. The poet shows a strong command of vocabulary and figurative language. More than that, though, the poems  are beautifully lyrical. This is the kind of poetry you want to read aloud for full effect.

I enjoyed A Rip in This Universe. The poetry is good but the manuscript itself needs a bit of work. The poems bleed into one another, which is a little frustrating for readers. Also, there are a couple of distracting typos that take you out of the poem and interrupt the experience. Other than that, A Rip in This Universe is a very good read.

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