Although I'm no artist (we've all seen my attempts at bullet journaling... I suck,) I decided that I wanted to to take part in this year's Cliquetober challenge on Twitter. There's only one way an author like myself can do that any justice...


1. Scaled
2. Bishop
3. Toy
4. Silhouette
5. Compass
6. Street
7. Reflection
8. Flame
9. Surrounded
10. Hazmat
11. Neon
12. FPE
13. Octagon
14. Drop
15. Markings
16. Fishbowl
17. Rebel Red
18. Pieces
19. Nightly

20. Control
21. Destroy
22. Clique
23. Eye
24. Fumes
25. Dance
26. Lightbulb
27. Circling
28. Banditos
29. Halo
30. Escape
31. Icy

Follow the links to AO3. Do the usual: leave kudos, comment, whatever. These are one-shots and I have no intention of coming back to any of them so don't think yelling at me in the middle of the night in my comment section will get you your own story written. (This time.)

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