I used to be one of those people who looked down their noses at fanfiction -- until a couple of girls who knew that I can't resist a good dare, talked me into trying it. Ten years later? It's pretty obvious that I have a problem...

Since I'm usually busy with my "own" writing, this page doesn't get updated all that often but the wait is worth it, promise. 😉

Some works appear on, while others are on only available on Archive of Our Own because has stupid rules. Many are on both. Most are probably NSFW.

Bram Stoker's Dracula:
The Ending That Should Have Been (7/?) AO3 / FF

Dracula Rising: 
Dracula, Risen (17/?) AO3 / FF

The Mortal Instruments:
(abandoned) Interlude AO3 / FF

Pounded in the Butt... (Tingleverse):
Pounded in the Butt by a Six-Foot Painted Jesus Carved out of Wood (and His Dad) AO3 / FF

Pride and Prejudice:
A Fine Farewell AO3 / FF
Mr. Darcy, Vampire (12/?) AO3 / FF

Star Trek: 
Goldilocks and the Threesome (6/6) AO3 / FF
A Good Beating AO3 / FF
Welcome Home AO3 / FF

Star Wars:
Darkness Rises, and light to meet it. (5/?) AO3 / FF
My Light AO3 / FF
Shattered AO3 / FF
What We Have Left AO3 / FF

Architect Artifact ASG7 AO3 / FF
Beyond the Phase Gate AO3 / FF
Testing Her Limits AO3AO3 / FF

Twenty One Pilots: 
** The Clancy Files **
Anything AO3 / FF
Bath Time AO3 / FF
Bittersweet Dreams AO3 / FF
Busted! AO3 / FF
A Christmas Present AO3 / FF
A Complete Diversion AO3 / FF (1/?)
A Court of Deceit and Darkness AO3 / FF (1/?)
Don't You Shy Away AO3 / FF (5/5)
East is Up AO3 / FF
False Promises AO3 / FF (For Russian translation, click here.)
The First Time AO3 / FF
For You, I'll Win AO3 / FF
Fresh Cuts and Faded Scars AO3 / FF
Glory of a Road Trip AO3 / FF
God's Newest Angel AO3 / FF
Holding on to You AO3 / FF
I Must be Dreaming AO3 / FF
I'll Take the Grave AO3 / FF
It's Magic AO3 / FF (9/?)
Making Room AO3 / FF
Man's Best Friend (1/?) AO3 / FF
**updated** Mine. AO3 / FF (8/?)
No Relationship is Perfect AO3 / FF
The Long Weekend AO3 / FF
Playing (Tiny) House AO3 / FF (11/11)
Red-Handed AO3 / FF
Screaming in Silence AO3 / FF
Separation Anxiety AO3 / FF
The Two-Year Hiatus AO3 / FF
This Isn't Going Away AO3 / FF
We Are Twenty One Pilots AO3 / FF
We're Our Worst Bullies AO3 / FF
What Do You Want? AO3 / FF
What do You Want for Christmas? AO3 / FF
What If? AO3 / FF
Would You? AO3 / FF (For Russian translation, click here.)
You Can Bite Me If You Want To AO3 / FF
You Take My Breath Away AO3 / FF

The Vampire Diaries: 
Katherine's Wish (4/4) AO3 / FF

Torture AO3 / FF

Welcome to Night Vale:
Flamingos, a Contest, and Giving Thanks - a Welcome to Night Vale Broadcast AO3 / FF

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