National Poetry Month 2018

April is National Poetry Month!

This is where you'll be able to find everything relating to National Poetry Month 2018.

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10 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month
20 Blog Post Ideas for National Poetry Month
10 Ways to Celebrate National Poetry Month with Your Kids
50 Poetry Prompts to Get You Through National Poetry Month

Blackout Poetry:
     Intro/Day One
     Day Two
     Day Three
     Day Four
     Day Five
     Day Six
     Day Seven
     Day Eight
     Day Nine
     Day Ten
     Day Eleven
     Day Twelve
     Day Thirteen
     Day Fourteen
     Day Fifteen
     Day Sixteen
     Day Seventeen
     Day Eighteen
     Day Nineteen
     Day Twenty
     Day Twenty-One
     Day Twenty-Two
     Day Twenty-Three
     Day Twenty-Four
     Day Twenty-Five
     Day Twenty-Six
     Day Twenty-Seven
     Day Twenty-Eight
     Day Twenty-Nine
     Day Thirty

National Poetry Day Resources:    
     List of 86 Poetic Forms for Poets
     Poetry Foundation
     Poetry at Project Gutenberg
     The Society of Classical Poets

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