Wednesday, 19 January 2011


The MIL has been moved to another hospital but NOT to St. Anne's where they told us she'd be going. First, they told us that she was number 2 on the waiting list for a bed (waiting for a bed in a hospice? morbid.) and THEN they told us they couldn't move her because she has e. coli. ("But not the bad kind." Der?) THEN they just upped and moved her to another hospital because, apparently, it's closer to where she should be.

Anyone else get the feeling hospitals lie?

Oh, and her wheel chair arrived. And we SO have NO place to put it. The DH joked about racing down Trinity Hill on it and I thought... Hey... That could be fun! Lol. Obviously we WON'T because we're very mature and responsible. O:)

Sweep (the dog) had to have surgery this week. He had a lump on his leg that he'd started to chew on. (Gross...) They did tests and couldn't be 100% certain that it wasn't cancer so we sent him in to have it removed. That was on Monday.

Monday night, he pretty much just laid around and whimpered. Yesterday, he was a bit better but still couldn't climb on the sofa. Today, he seems more like himself. He can climb on the sofa and is bouncing up and down. We had the lump sent away to be biopsied just in case.

Interesting fact... That was the first time in 11 years that Sweep has been to the vet! That dog is healthier than I am! Lol.

And my last bit of news is that I've booked some time off work. A bit early in the year, perhaps but there's a LOT around the house that needs to be done because 1. the MIL is a horrible housekeeper and some things have been neglected for YEARS and 2. I have to make the house ready for a hospital bed, etc. to be moved in.

It creeps me out to know that one day, sooner rather than later, the MIL is going to die in this house. *shudder* Did you know that someone has ALREADY died here? Yep. (Well, probably more than one someone since the house is 180 + years old.) One of our neighbour's fathers lived in this house before the MIL moved in and he died in the kitchen.

I HAVE seen a ghost before, but not here. I'm fairly certain that there are no unqiet spirits wandering around the house but I always think about him late at night when I've been watching horror movies. And when the MIL dies, I'll always feel like she's watching me, disapproving of every change I make to HER house.

Is it weird to think like that?

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