Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Look!

As you may or may not know, the DH was trained as a hairdresser (back in the day.) He was a teenager, and a gothic, and this move was designed entirely to get some tail. (I'm told it worked terrifically.) But he really didn't enjoy it. At. All. Not a "people person," you see. Plus, being a hairdresser is way grosser than you might think. I'm not going to repeat any of the horror stories he's told me - because I would probably puke. For real.

The DH did not even consider sticking with hairdressing.(Turns out he got plenty of tail without it.) But he still remembers the important bits... Which is really handy when I get bored and decide I want to try something new. Like this week!

I haven't dyed my hair in such a very long time that it was almost all the way back to my natural colour (with just a bit of black at the very ends.) Just couldn't be bothered caring how I looked, in all honesty. (Depression sucks for that.) But my lovely ERDrewHilda had a wicked awesome dye job recently and it inspired me to trying something funky myself.

"Baaaabbeee.... Will you dye my hair for me?"

He he he. I bought one box of the brightest red I could find and dug out a box of black I've had hidden away, gave them both to the DH and told him to "Make me look awesome." Then I closed my eyes and hoped for the best. (Yes, he was a hairdresser... But he also thought the mullet was a valid fashion choice. Just sayin'...) Two boxes of dye, and a few inches later...

And, of course, I love it. Because it's streaked red and black, it looks different, depending on how I part it. This is my favourite... Parted on one side, it looks mostly black. Until I do this:

Fuck yes! :) I totally love this hairstyle. (And my husband for not giving me a mullet.)

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