Friday, 29 June 2012

Thoughts on Obamacare

I saw this on my friend feed on facebook this morning and it made me think of my family - who are all probably apoplectic by now about yesterday's Supreme Court decision:

It made me think about my own experience with the NHS here in Wales. Some has been good, some has been bad, some has been fucking awful, and some has been absolutely amazing... But overall, I find I am infinitely grateful for having it. I posted this response on my own timeline:

I grumble about the NHS from time to time because, like anything run by the government, it is flawed. But where would I be without it? I wouldn't be able to see my therapist, get treatment for my tinitus, or get my antidepressants, allergy medication, asthma medication, cold sore medication, painkillers for arthritis, etc. because I'm one of those people too poor for health insurance. To be honest, I probably wouldn't be here because, in all honesty, I wasn't coping with the Depression on my own. So that precentage of my wage that I lose to pay for the NHS? Take it. And the next time you slag off the people who can't afford health insurance and moan about how YOU have to pay for them (even though half the people I have heard bitching about it DON'T EVEN WORK), remember that's ME you're talking about. Thanks.

And that's where I stand on Obamacare. 

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