Friday, 11 March 2005

Xanga Post: Friday, March 11, 2005

I'm thinking that I don't like our neighbours very much.

One of them, (we've narrowed it down to three) has called the council on us. Apparently, our overgrown garden is causing rats. Funny, I've never seen a rat anywhere near our house. A mouse once, yeah, but so what?

What makes me really mad is that whoever it was didn't just come over and say, "Listen, mate...Mind doing something about that jungle of yours? I'm worried about something attacking me." If they had done that, I'd totally understand. Now I'm just annoyed.

We have 14 days to clear it up before we get fined. Can you believe that? To make things more interesting... We ALL work at least five (if not six) days a week. And, it's barely spring so it's not really the best time to be doing it. Sue's got bad arthritis in her knees and Jay/I are SO not outdoors people. Not cool.

I've been forbidden from speaking to our neighbours until Sue has a word with them. I think she thinks I might insult them....

On another note, and this won't come as any great surprise to those who know me best, I'm afraid of heights. I only mention this because I FORGET that I'm afraid of heights until I'm actually TOO HIGH.

Case in point: I went for my daily walk at lunch today. Thinking that I'd like to have a change of scenary, I decided to walk across the overpass. I was doing okay until a lorry drove underneath me and startled me into looking down. WAAAAAAH! It was everything I could do to keep my tuna fish sandwich down in my stomach where it belonged! Then, I had to turn around and walk BACK. Watching my feet - watching ONLY my feet - trying NOT to freak out until I landed on solid ground.

I think I'll stick with my normal route from now on!

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